Friday, May 22, 2009

Enjoy an exploration of the world's most advanced and recent developments in robots (see below).

Humanoid robot Wakamura.
Paro robot.
Toyota Motor Corporation robot.
Toyota Motor Corporation robot.
Robot Twendy-One.
Underwater robot RoboLobster.

Unmanned vehicle robot Testudo.
Navy Talon robot.
NASA Mars Science Laboratory rover robot.
NASA K-10 rover robot "Red"
Remote-security robot T-34.
Taiwan robot named Rich.
Life-size humanoid Berti - shaking hands.
All-terrain NASA robot LEMUR.
Robotic-assist suit named HAL
Humanoid robot Rollin Justin
Bruno robot - shaking hands.
Da Vinci robot used for surgery.
Auto manufacturing robots.
Experimental all-terrain robots.

Friday, January 30, 2009

The Kennedy Center in Washington, D.C. recently presented an exhibit called Japan -- culture + hyperculture. One of it's primary sub-exhibits was on the evolution of robots in Japan. Following are picture chronicling the evolution of robots and robotics in Japan, from Robo Boy to Asimo, the running and dancing robot.
Entrace to the world of robotics exhibt at the Kennedy Center in Washington, D.C.
Asimo, the running and dancing Japanese robot that worldwide has achieved the popularity of a rock star.

Aibo is a Japanese robot dog that can express emotion on where you pet it. Better yet, you do not have to take it for walks or clean up after it.
Toyoto's "Partner" robot playing a violin.
Repliee, a Japanese android robot.
Life-like Japanese android robot.
Paro, the Japanese Harp Seal therapeutic robot used to provide comfort to people in nursing homes etc.

Paro, a Japanese healing robot.
The Japanese Wakamura greeting people.
Wakamura, a Japanese human communications robot.
Disney's movie fantasy robot WALL-E.
WALL-E with his robot girl friend Eve.
I-robot, a fantasy robot used for a movie.
Hubo robot.
Ifboot robot.
Dakara robot.
Bruno robot.
I-sobot, a Japanese robot that can break dance and do other amazing things.
Wabot robot, an improved version of Wabian.
Wabian RV, an upgraded version of the Wabian robot.
Wabaian - one of the first Japanese robots designed to mimic human movements (android robot).
Astro Boy!
Much of the Japanese interest in robotics can be traced to a comic after World War II called "Astro Boy", a nuclear-powered robot.